September 2017 San Antonio Home Sales News

san_antonio_in_the_news_images.jpgThere’s lots of good news about home buying selling in and around San Antonio.

First, the 2017 home sales high season ended in July.  That means the inventory of available homes for sale is increasing,  seller asking prices are moderating, and buyers are likely to gain a little more leverage in making their offers.  That doesn’t mean that the San Antonio’s protracted home seller’s market is over.  It’s just not quite as strong.  So, when it comes to negotiating,  home sellers will likely remain in the driver’s seat for many more months to come.

Why is San Antonio’s home sales market so strong this year?  It’s because there’s lots of positive economic and demographic news for the entire south Texas area.  The Texas Triangle area between San Antonio, Dallas and Houston has 66% of Texas’ population – about 18 million people.  It has had 80% of the state’s population growth since 2000, accounts for 77% of the state’s economy, and has a job growth rate that’s 3 times that of New York and 5 times that of Los Angeles.  53 of the nation’s Fortune 500 Companies are headquartered in Texas Triangle cities.  Two of the nation’s five largest metropolitan areas are located within the triangle — the first time in history that one state has dominated the nation’s urban centers.

So, what does that mean for San Antonio families when it’s time to sell or buy a home?  Simply this.  Of the three major metropolitan home markets in the Texas Triangle, San Antonio’s market presently is the most stable and offers some of the best prepared most affordable homes around.  Although homes will sell slower during the fall and winter sales season, there are still many quality homes for sale and the market has room to add more homes to the inventory.   So, if you are considering selling your home or buying a home, don’t hesitate – the market is still right for you.

If you’re looking to sell or buy a San Antonio area home or if  want to know more about the home sales markets near Randolph AFB, Lackland AFB, and Fort Sam Houston, contact a Realtor ® member of our award winning Legacy Power House Team at  Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio.  Pat Acquisto, Stephanie Kelley, Randy Kelley and Sheryl Sepulveda offer you their many years experience in residential sales and marketing.  Remember, if you don’t know real estate, know a Realtor® and if a member of our Legacy Power House team says it’s so, it’s so.  Call us at 210 863-2661, 210 867-9743, or 210 482-3202.   Visit our website at





20803 Las Lomas Blvd For Sale Near Randolph AFB

m_P_1499902933388_20803_Las_Lomas_San_Antonio_TX_MLS_Size_003_14_Front_640x480_72dpi20803 Las Lomas Blvd is an exceptionally well maintained home  in the popular Stone Oak area of San Antonio, Texas.  It’s conveniently located near the best shopping, eating, and entertainment venues in north central San Antonio.  It offers an approximate 20 minute drive to Randolph AFB, Fort Sam Houston, and downtown San Antonio.  Sea World and Fiesta Texas are not far away.  If you’re looking for convenience and comfortable living in a stylish home, this is the one for you.  Listing details are at

The property is brought to you by Stephanie Kelley, Realtor®,  of the Legacy Powerhouse Group, Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio, Texas.  You can contact Stephanie at (210) 867-8743 or (210) 863-2661.  The Legacy Powerhouse Group specializes in the meeting the residential realty needs of active duty and retired families of all of our nation’s uniformed services.





118 Red Hawk Ridge Homes For Rent Near Randolph AFB TX

This excellently maintained rental home is offered by Stephanie Kelley Property Management, Keller Williams, San Antonio, Texas.  It’s close to quality schools and shopping amenities and is conveniently located near Randolph AFB and Fort Sam Houston TX.  For details see 118 Red Hawk Ridge at

Contact Randy Kelley, Realtor® and Certified Military Relocation Specialist at the Powerhouse Group, Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio, Texas (210) 863-2661 Telephone (210) 863-2661

9231 Trailing Fern Home For Sale Near Lackland AFB

photo1 (1)


This lovingly maintained home is an average 24 minute drive to Lackland AFB.  It’s bright and airy with 2 living areas, one downstairs with fireplace and the second upstairs that’s suitable for a game or media room.  There are four bedrooms and 3 full baths and a 2 car garage.  There’s a covered back porch.  The meticulously maintained grounds  feature a storage shed. Want to see more?  Visit

This property is presented by Stephanie Kelley, Realtor®, a member of  The Power House Group, Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio, Texas.  If you’re looking to buy or sell a San Antonio area home, we offer you the power of our proven performance to get you the best price, terms, and conditions for your residential realty investment.  Contact us at (210) 867-9743 or (210) 863-2661.

San Antonio Real Estate Update


For the latest national and San Antonio, Texas, realty news, read Stephanie and Randy Kelley’s newsletter at  August Real Estate News at Realty Times.

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Average Home Prices Near Randolph AFB

Freedom flight over Randolph Air Force Base

Freedom flight over Randolph Air Force Base


In the last 6 months, the average 3 bedroom/2 or more bath resale home near Randolph AFB, built from 2006 to 2013, was listed for $184,232 and sold for $181,636.

In the last 6 months, the average 3 bedroom/2 or more bath newly constructed home near Randolph AFB was listed for $236,958 and sold for $229,185.


In the last 6 months, the average 4 bedroom/2 or more bath resale home near Randolph AFB, built from 2006 to 2013, was listed for $231,751 and sold for $227,260.

In the last 6 months, the average 4 bedroom/2 bath newly constructed home near Randolph AFB was listed for $252,255 and sold for $243,513.

Want to know more.  Contact Randy at (210) 863-2661 or Stephanie at (210) 867-9743.

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July 2014 Sees Home Market Peaking Near San Antonio Bases

Entering July 2014, there are signs that San Antonio’s long lasting home sellers’ market is trending toward a more balanced condition favoring neither sellers nor buyers in the communities nearest Randolph AFB, Lackland AFB, and Fort Sam Houston.  Compared to July 2013, there are more resale and newly constructed homes available near the bases while at the same time there fewer homes under contract.  Although home prices continue to rise slowly, the ratio between the average list to sale price is slowly decreasing.
How likely is it that the San Antonio military base areas residential sales markets have passed their peak for 2014?  Probably.  Here’s why.

Based on many years performance, San Antonio’s residential sales market usually follows a predictable seasonal pattern.  Highest sales activity is mid-April through mid-June.  Sales start to fall off during the hot summer months.  The market cools significantly during the fall and winter months.   Of course, for the areas near the bases, the summer PCS cycle has some impact and, in some years, might prolong the sales high season into through July and into August.
In all areas, the quest for homes featuring pools drops drastically after school starts in late August.  That market won’t become active again until  the coming spring. 
The least active home sales months are December and January.
Looking forward, San Antonio’s exceptionally strong economy is expected to carry the Alamo City’s home sales market through the expected season dip into a strong rebound next spring.
If you’re contemplating selling your San Antonio home but can wait for better conditions, should you hold off until market conditions improve?  Not necessarily.  Because home sales stay strong throughout the year in some of the neighborhoods located near Lackland, Randolph, and Fort Sam, you should seek the advice of a realty sales professional who knows the Joint Base San Antonio market before deciding  whether to sell or not. 
If you are hoping to buy a San Antonio area home in the coming months, keep this in mind.  The market is improving for you, VA, FHA, and conventional mortgage interest rates remain exceptionally low, and there’s an ample supply of newly constructed and resale homes for your consideration particularly near Randolph and Lacklan.  So, seek out the best residential realty buyers agent with military relocation experience that you can find and go for it!
Whether home seller or buyer, ours is a 100% experience team that’s ready to help you get the best price, terms, and conditions for your realty investment.  Contact Stephanie (210) 867-8743 or Randy (210) 863-2661 for a free, no pressure – no obligation, consultation.

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