PCS’ing and Pets

IMG_1792I think the hardest part about keeping up a blog about military relocation and PCS’ing is the number of topics to choose from! Over the years I have discovered that there are so many areas of our lives that are impacted by frequent moves – even ones you wouldn’t normally consider. When we moved from Fort Sill, Oklahoma to Presidio of Monterey in California we discovered that our French Bulldog Bubba was prone to anxiety attacks while travelling. He would get carsick and woozy and begin to hyperventilate. My husband, needless to say, was thrilled when Bubba had to sit on his lap through New Mexico and Arizona in the middle of summer with the window open!

Since that time, we have PCS’d twice more with pets. If I had known then what I know now, I would have done the following:

  1. Make sure all shots are up to date and keep copies of EVERYTHING with the records you are travelling with
  2. Check if your pets need to be licensed at your new place of residence
  3. Micro-chip! Pets have been known to wander off  and get lost when they are enroute or at the new location. And don’t forget to update your contact information.
  4. Find a good kennel and vet in your new town. Word of mouth is the best way to identify these. Feel free to drop me a comment if you want to know more about those in my area.
  5. Get pet prozac if you think they’ll need it! You can take the edge off your pet’s anxiety with a quick trip to the vet for a prescription.
  6. Be sure you plan your route carefully – stay in pet friendly hotels. This one is a biggie because not all base lodging allowed pets when we made our trek cross-country. Here is a helpful link

Those are my top six! In addition are the obvious – enough food for travel, water bowls & bottled water, & don’t forget their leashes! Happy Traveling!

Don’t Waste Your 2013 San Antonio BAH On Rent


Rent It Or Buy It?

Rent It Or Buy It?

Home ownership is still the American dream, but, for most military members considering buying a home, the real estate market can be overwhelming.

Also, the recent "great recession" has clouded the public's dream of home ownership. This is particularly true for service members worrying about holding a home long enough to build enough equity to overcome an unexpected housing market downturn our early PCS.

So, here’s some advice for a military member destined for a permanent change of station (PCS) to the San Antonio area.

First, don’t approach buying your primary San Antonio residence as an investment unless you intend to keep it as a rental property when you make your next move.

Here’s why.  The recent great recession wiped away the concept of owning a home as an investment.  Now, you’re advised to consider your home only as a place to live with the possibility of making some money when you sell it or convert it to an investment property.

Second, when weighing the pros and cons of home ownership, keep in mind the exceptional value of the government’s BAH contribution to satisfying your housing needs. Even after considering the risk of losing money because of economic conditions or being forced to sell early because of an early PCS, many financial advisers suggest that it’s better to use your BAH to buy a home instead of sacrificing it to a landlord.

Third, before deciding to buy instead of renting, consult with an experienced Realtor® who can refer you to the most  reputable local lender specializing in VA mortgages.  Realtors®  and VA qualified lenders are held to extremely high ethical standards in Texas. They are duty bound to give you fair and honest advice.

Fourth, consider this. Over time, the San Antonio home market has proven to be highly stable and offers some of the best home values in the nation.  With mortgage interest rates remaining close to historic lows, it’s a good time to buy.

The only slight downside for buying this spring is this.

For the time being in early 2013, the San Antonio residential market strongly favors sellers over buyers.  Consequently, it’s wise to use an experienced buyer’s agent to help you find and negotiate for the best newly constructed or resale home.   The services of your buyer,s agent are free and you’ll find your agent to be a marvelous asset during one of the most financial events of your lifetime.

If you need to know your San Antonio area BAH, go to the Department of Defense – BAH (Housing Allowance) Link on our military page.

Talk to us. We specialize in representing active and retired uniformed services home buyers.

We are the SanAntonioHomeQuest.com Realty Solutions Team, Realtors® at Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio, Texas.

Contact Stephanie Kelley at  (210 867-8743) or Randy Kelley at  (210 863-2661).

AUTHOR: Randy Kelley

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