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Mobile Search app. Agent Code KW13Y92H

Mobile Search app. Agent Code KW13Y92H

Real Estate Market Update for Colorado Springs

This link provides a monthly update on the Colorado Springs real estate market to include market updates for Colorado Springs as well as popular Academy School District 20 neighborhoods.

June 2013 San Antonio AFB Area Homes For Sale Report

Early June heralds the advent of hot and dry summer weather for all of the San Antonio air force bases, especially Lackland AFB which tends to one of the hottest  areas around town.

San Antonio and all of south Texas has already been exceptionally warm and arid for many months, but, in late May and early June, most of the region was blessed with heavy refreshing rainstorms.  Nonetheless, the weatherman sees typically hot and dry summer conditions ahead.

Do the home sales markets  in communities around Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, and Ft. Sam Houston mirrow the weather?   Yes, absolutely  — they are  HOT and will likely stay so through the summer PCS season and into the coming fall.

Why is Military City USA’s realty market so hot this year?

1.  Across the nation, home contracts have increased to a 3 year high. The trend is reflected in San Antonio where, this May, home sales were up 21% over May 2012.

2.  Although mortgage rates are gradually edging up, the increase is marginal and rates are still favorable for home buying.  Because of the influx of new residents, and particularly the growth of the local active and retired military communities, it’s unlikely that anything other than a very large increase in mortgage rates will cool San Antonio’s hot residential market.

3.  Foreclosures are way down locally and across the nation and, because of San Antonio’s large average home sales price increase in the last 18 months, fewer military home owners now owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth.

4.  Oil and gas production in south Texas’ vast Eagle Ford shale oil field, is up 77% over last year – topping 500,000 barrels of crude per day. The area’s booming oil industry is bringing many new businesses and residents to San Antonio, especially into the new home and resale home communities near Randolph AFB and Lackland AFB.   Consequently, AF home sellers should expect good prospects for selling their homes and AF home buyers should be ready for hard negotiations if they want to buy close to one of the area military bases.

5.   Compared to May 2012, the following key residential realty market indicators are all exceptionally positive for San Antonio and the communities nearest the city’s military bases:

pending home sales are up 17%,

list prices are up 10%,

latest closed sale prices are up 21%, and

the median sales price for the most recently closed home sales is up 11%.

The bottom line is this – because of its solid economic and demographic foundations, San Antonio is one of the nation’s bright spots for home ownership and rental investments.

That’s  it for our June 2013 San Antonio AFB Area Homes For Sale Report.  We encourage reader comments and recommendations about how to make our reports more informative and useful.

We’re Stephanie and Randy Kelley, Realtors® at Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio, Texas.  We specialize in representing active and retired military home buyers and sellers.  If you have questions, need San Antonio realty or mortgage loan advice or assistance, or just want to chat a bit about our wonderful Alamo City, please call us at (210) 863-2661 or (210) 867-8743. Our Realty Solutions Team is always ready to help you with your home buying or selling needs.

San Antonio Real Estate Sales Impact Air Force Home Buyers And Sellers

The latest report from the San Antonio Board of Realtors® (SABOR) should interest local Air Force home buyers and sellers.  All SABOR area realty market trends in the communities near Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, and Fort Sam Houston  are up significantly.
These key indicators tell the story:
The middle price for April 2013 listings was  $168,100.  That’s a 6 percent increase from April 2012’s $158,400.
The average price for April 2013 listings was $202,864.  That’s a  5 percent increase over last April’s average home price of $193,394.
April 2013 closed sales totaled  1,998.  That a whopping 21 percent increase over April 2012’s 1650 sales.
Commenting on the highly favorable market, Steven Gragg, SABOR Chairman Of The Board for 2013 said this about the area’s booming market, “With mortgage rates and home prices remaining low, buyers can easily find something within their means without having to compromise. The rise in home sales each month shows the confidence consumers have in their buying power.”SABOR President and CEO Angela Shields added, “This steady growth, along with the city’s affordability and diverse culture, makes San Antonio a unique and desirable place to call home.”

Analysts see the favorable sales trends as beneficial for local Air Force home sellers who have waited months for their homes to be worth more than their mortgage balances.  They are now more likely to break even or sell at a profit.
As for Air Force home buyers, despite the price increases, homes remain highly affordable in the areas near San Antonio’s military bases.
If you need to know more about San Antonio military base area residential realty market trends, contact Randy Kelley (210) 863-2661 or Stephanie Kelley (210) 867-8743.  They are leading members of the Realty Solutions Team and they specialize in serving the home buying and selling needs of San Antonio’s active and retired military families.


PCS’ing and Pets

IMG_1792I think the hardest part about keeping up a blog about military relocation and PCS’ing is the number of topics to choose from! Over the years I have discovered that there are so many areas of our lives that are impacted by frequent moves – even ones you wouldn’t normally consider. When we moved from Fort Sill, Oklahoma to Presidio of Monterey in California we discovered that our French Bulldog Bubba was prone to anxiety attacks while travelling. He would get carsick and woozy and begin to hyperventilate. My husband, needless to say, was thrilled when Bubba had to sit on his lap through New Mexico and Arizona in the middle of summer with the window open!

Since that time, we have PCS’d twice more with pets. If I had known then what I know now, I would have done the following:

  1. Make sure all shots are up to date and keep copies of EVERYTHING with the records you are travelling with
  2. Check if your pets need to be licensed at your new place of residence
  3. Micro-chip! Pets have been known to wander off  and get lost when they are enroute or at the new location. And don’t forget to update your contact information.
  4. Find a good kennel and vet in your new town. Word of mouth is the best way to identify these. Feel free to drop me a comment if you want to know more about those in my area.
  5. Get pet prozac if you think they’ll need it! You can take the edge off your pet’s anxiety with a quick trip to the vet for a prescription.
  6. Be sure you plan your route carefully – stay in pet friendly hotels. This one is a biggie because not all base lodging allowed pets when we made our trek cross-country. Here is a helpful link

Those are my top six! In addition are the obvious – enough food for travel, water bowls & bottled water, & don’t forget their leashes! Happy Traveling!

Oil Fields Near Lackland and Randolph AFB Impact on Homes Sales


In a recent article in the San Antonio Business Journal, Mike Thomas reports “Oil production in the Eagle Ford Shale was up 74 percent in February compared to one year ago to set an all-time high.”

San Antonio’s  Lackland and Randolph Air Force Bases are close enough to the Eagle Ford Shale  oil fields to feel the economic impact of what is fast becoming one of North America’s major oil finds.

The signifigance to San Antonio’s Air Force families is that there’s higher demand for homes in the communities near the bases.  This, in turn, has caused a dramatic increase in residential property sales, higher home sale prices, and elevated residential property tax values.

If you are planning to buy or sell a home soon near Lackland or Randolph AFB, contact Randy Kelley (210) 863-2661 or Stephanie Kelley (210) 867-8743 for advice and assistance.  Their goal is to help you get the best price, terms, and conditions for your residential real estate investment.

Randy and Stephanie are Realtors ® at Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio, Texas.  Their website is



Strong April 2013 Residential Realty Market Around San Antonio Air Force Bases


It’s April 2013 – early PCS season for incoming and outgoing San Antonio active duty Air force families.

Recently, the Realty Solutions Team published its April 2013 San Antonio area realty market report.  It has very significant information for anyone planning on buying or selling a home near Lackland, Randolph, or Fort Sam Houston this year.   You can read the full article at, but here’s a summary of the main points:

This year, the communities surrounding San Antonio’s 3 major military bases are seeing the best residential realty market since the fabulously active 2006/2007 home selling season.  Will this year’s booming market beat 2006/2007?  It could happen.

Home prices are slowly but steadily rising.

The supply of available new and resale homes is just enough to meet demand.

The best listings are selling fast – many with multiple simultaneous offers.

So, it’s clearly good news for home sellers, but not necessarily bad news for home buyers because  today’s very low mortgage interest rates are keeping quality San Antonio area homes remarkably affordable.

For information about the best ways to buy or sell a San Antonio military base area home in today’s booming market, visit us at  or call Randy at (210) 863-2661 or Stephanie at (210) 867-8743.

We’re the Realty Solutions Team, Realtors®  at Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio, Texas, serving the Lackland Air Force Base, Randolph Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, Camp Bullis, & Kelly and Medina Annex areas.

Preparing Your San Antonio Air Force Base Area Home To Sell

home-to-sell-right-away.jpgSo, you’re on PCS orders and you have a Randolph or Lackland Air Force Base area home to sell right away!

Here’s the good news.  You’ll be listing your home during our local Air Force military community’s best realty market in years.  Furthermore, all of San Antonio’s military bases are close enough to the booming Eagle Ford shale oil and gas fields to attract an influx of oil workers and their families seeking a place to live. So, if you prepare your home right, you’re likely to sell it quickly.

We know military families often lack the resources to put their home in prime condition for the market, so we have some helpful hints about how to best showcase your home at little or no cost. It’s set forth in an excellent blog posted today on the  blog site and is titled “Top 3 Free Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home.”  The author is Stephanie Kelley, the senior member of our Realty Solutions Team.

Stephanie has capably advised hundreds of homeowners about the best ways and means to prepare their homes for sale.  She knows her business and is excited to share her observations and recommendations with you in her entertaining and highly informative article.  Take the time to read it.  If you are a serious home seller, you won’t be disappointed.

You can also visit our website for additional information about how we can help you sell your home or you can call us at (210) 863-2661 or (210) 867-8743 for a free, no pressure consultation.  Our goal is to help you get a quick sale of your home for the best price, terms, and conditions.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, we’re

The Realty Solutions Team


Keller Williams Legacy

1102 East Sonterra Blvd, Ste 106

San Antonio, Texas  78258

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