September 2017 San Antonio Home Sales News

san_antonio_in_the_news_images.jpgThere’s lots of good news about home buying selling in and around San Antonio.

First, the 2017 home sales high season ended in July.  That means the inventory of available homes for sale is increasing,  seller asking prices are moderating, and buyers are likely to gain a little more leverage in making their offers.  That doesn’t mean that the San Antonio’s protracted home seller’s market is over.  It’s just not quite as strong.  So, when it comes to negotiating,  home sellers will likely remain in the driver’s seat for many more months to come.

Why is San Antonio’s home sales market so strong this year?  It’s because there’s lots of positive economic and demographic news for the entire south Texas area.  The Texas Triangle area between San Antonio, Dallas and Houston has 66% of Texas’ population – about 18 million people.  It has had 80% of the state’s population growth since 2000, accounts for 77% of the state’s economy, and has a job growth rate that’s 3 times that of New York and 5 times that of Los Angeles.  53 of the nation’s Fortune 500 Companies are headquartered in Texas Triangle cities.  Two of the nation’s five largest metropolitan areas are located within the triangle — the first time in history that one state has dominated the nation’s urban centers.

So, what does that mean for San Antonio families when it’s time to sell or buy a home?  Simply this.  Of the three major metropolitan home markets in the Texas Triangle, San Antonio’s market presently is the most stable and offers some of the best prepared most affordable homes around.  Although homes will sell slower during the fall and winter sales season, there are still many quality homes for sale and the market has room to add more homes to the inventory.   So, if you are considering selling your home or buying a home, don’t hesitate – the market is still right for you.

If you’re looking to sell or buy a San Antonio area home or if  want to know more about the home sales markets near Randolph AFB, Lackland AFB, and Fort Sam Houston, contact a Realtor ® member of our award winning Legacy Power House Team at  Keller Williams Legacy, San Antonio.  Pat Acquisto, Stephanie Kelley, Randy Kelley and Sheryl Sepulveda offer you their many years experience in residential sales and marketing.  Remember, if you don’t know real estate, know a Realtor® and if a member of our Legacy Power House team says it’s so, it’s so.  Call us at 210 863-2661, 210 867-9743, or 210 482-3202.   Visit our website at





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