February 2017 San Antonio Air Force Home Sales

homes-for-sale.jpgIt’s mid-February in San Antonio. The weather has been unusually warm and the home sales market around Lackland, Randolph, and Fort Sam Houston is unusually hot for the season.

2016 saw the most active home sales market in San Antonio’s history. The 2017 home sales market is projected to beat the 2016 market

So, what does that mean for active duty and retired Air Force home buyers and sellers in the San Antonio area?

Those looking to sell a home should be pleased. If the seller has held the home for at least 3 years and assuming good home preparation and adequate marketing, the seller can expect to leave the closing table with money in hand.

Those looking to purchase a home for a bargain price might face a negotiation headwind because it’s a seller’s market, new and resale homes prices are rising rapidly, and the inventory of available homes for sale is dismally low. In fact, it’s been that way around San Antonio for months. Let’s face the facts. Bargain homes are as scarce as hen’s teeth in and around the Alamo City.

Nonetheless, San Antonio homes remain reasonably priced when compared to homes in other large metropolitan markets around the country.

Our advice to both prospective retired and active duty and retired home buyers and sellers is the same.  If selling, ask a good Realtor® to give you a through analysis of your home’s value.  If buying, ask for a comprehensive overview of the home sales market in your preferred search area.

If you’re selling a home, an accurately composed Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing report attached to a well organized marketing plan is key. Your Realtor® should make sure your listing is broadcast out of the MLS to every prominent internet search engine worldwide.

If you’re buying, rely on your Realtor® to help you find the best listings matching your needs. Your Realtor® is your property value analyst and negotiator. Buying a home involves hours of detailed and diligent hard work. Let your Realtor do the work for you.

Whether buying or selling, we offer our services.

We are Pat Acquisto, Stephanie Kelley, Randy Kelley, and Sheryl Sepulveda – award winning Realtors® of the Keller Williams Legacy’s Group Powerhouse Team, San Antonio, Texas Feel free to contact us at our office at 210 482-3202, or call us at (210) 414-9605 for Pat, (210) 867-9843 for Stephanie, (210) 863-2661 for Randy, and (210) 213-1450 for Sheryl. We hope to hear from you soon.

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