San Antonio Real Estate Sales Impact Air Force Home Buyers And Sellers

The latest report from the San Antonio Board of Realtors® (SABOR) should interest local Air Force home buyers and sellers.  All SABOR area realty market trends in the communities near Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, and Fort Sam Houston  are up significantly.
These key indicators tell the story:
The middle price for April 2013 listings was  $168,100.  That’s a 6 percent increase from April 2012’s $158,400.
The average price for April 2013 listings was $202,864.  That’s a  5 percent increase over last April’s average home price of $193,394.
April 2013 closed sales totaled  1,998.  That a whopping 21 percent increase over April 2012’s 1650 sales.
Commenting on the highly favorable market, Steven Gragg, SABOR Chairman Of The Board for 2013 said this about the area’s booming market, “With mortgage rates and home prices remaining low, buyers can easily find something within their means without having to compromise. The rise in home sales each month shows the confidence consumers have in their buying power.”SABOR President and CEO Angela Shields added, “This steady growth, along with the city’s affordability and diverse culture, makes San Antonio a unique and desirable place to call home.”

Analysts see the favorable sales trends as beneficial for local Air Force home sellers who have waited months for their homes to be worth more than their mortgage balances.  They are now more likely to break even or sell at a profit.
As for Air Force home buyers, despite the price increases, homes remain highly affordable in the areas near San Antonio’s military bases.
If you need to know more about San Antonio military base area residential realty market trends, contact Randy Kelley (210) 863-2661 or Stephanie Kelley (210) 867-8743.  They are leading members of the Realty Solutions Team and they specialize in serving the home buying and selling needs of San Antonio’s active and retired military families.



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